Ties that bind us…


We had learnt in school “Man is a social animal”. At that point of time we did not give so much importance to the deeper meaning of the sentence.

But the more we grow, we realize how true the statement is..

This also is one of the reasons of the popularity of the “Social” Networking Sites :-) :-) :-)

A man is not satisfied with merely fulfilling his basic necessities..He needs something more than Food, Water & Shelter..He needs love, appreciation & validation. He also needs company..The company could be of family, friends, lover, children or even pets or books or any other hobbies..

A man needs a connection with someone..a relationship with an individual or a group to share their thoughts & feelings, to engage in activities together, to have fun together & ultimately to live their life together..

A man’s relationship starts when he is in the womb..that is his first relationship..with his mother..

As he opens his eyes in the real world, he gets some more relations..father, grandparents, brothers, sisters, & a whole bunch of extended family..

As he grows up, goes to school / college, he makes new relations..they are called friends..The ties with friends are much stronger because we choose whom we want to have a connection with.

And then one day he meets someone special..Someone who is made especially for him..This is the relationship he craves for..

Sometimes this relationship ends in marriage & begins with having kids..Life becomes a full circle for him then!

Buiilding a relationship is not an easy task though..There are various stages of a relationship..

  1. Acquaintance: Here, you come to know a person. If both of you like each other only then a relationship will proceed to next level.
  2. Buildup: You both already like each other. Now is the time to build care & trust for each other. Some common background & interests are required to sustain this stage.
  3. Continuation: Here a long term commitment is made be it for friendship, romantic relationship or marriage.
  4. Deterioration: Sometimes a relationship is not able to sustain..it starts deteriorating..you lose interest in the other person or vice-versa, or there is some distrust, fights, dis-harmony, etc. Whatever the reason..but from here the relationship can go to two stages..through resolving problems & issues back to stage 3 or else to stage 5
  5. Termination: The final stage marks the end of the relationship either by death or separation..

It is beautiful to have so many relationships around us. They make the journey of life much more beautiful..

A caring mom, a protective dad, a loving sister, a pampering brother, a friend who is all of these & more, a lover, husband, kids…also nosy neighbours (love to share a cup of sugar with some hot gossip) ;-)

Some relationships are beyond labels though..They are the best ones :-)

Blood Relations, Soul Relations, Need Relations, whatever the type maybe but Har ek relation Zaroori Hota hai!!!

Relationships are very special..

When they are new they are exciting..

When they are old they are comforting..

And when they are dead, they become Cherished Memories…


2 thoughts on “Ties that bind us…

    • Thanks Frances 🙂

      I believe most of us are looking for instant gratification nowadays. Keeping a relationship requires patience & tolerance, just like growing a tree. Thats why it is difficult to achieve long lasting relationships.

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