Suicide – Cowardice or Bravery???

Newspapers are filled with suicide stories..on a daily basis so many people commit suicide for varied reasons..failure in love, financial trouble, incurable diseases, chronic depression, etc..

Death is an inevitable part of life..what lives has to die and every life comes with an expiry date..

Suicide is a way of shouting I quit! I quit this miserable life where there is no hope for me..things are only going to worsen from here..

People say that only cowards commit suicide..but is it really so? Why are we so prompt to judge someone when we don’t know how their journey has been?

These people have reached a dead end..their minds & hearts are blank..they don’t know where to go from here..turning back is not an option..they can think of only one thing end it more misery, no more despair, no mure hurt, no more heart wrenching pain, no helplessness..

I feel we and society as a whole behave cowardly towards such people..

They are one of us..someone from our family, a friend or a neighbour..

We know what they are going through but what do we do for them?

Sometimes even a kind touch makes a person think life is not that bad at all..

Are we brave enough to be kind to such people? Do we extend our love, our support, our compassion to them? If not then we have no right to call them names.

Do not cry after the person is no more..laugh with them when they are alive..that would be a much better tribute!


2 thoughts on “Suicide – Cowardice or Bravery???

  1. It is a controversial topic and a social problem too. You feel for the depressed people that is important. The ultimate cause of suicide is Depression. It is the alertness of the people around that can prevent such an immature termination of life. Depression is a state when no logical arguments can survive. People around should be alert of such state of mind. That is the only solution. And there is no advice for the depressed persons.. Because a depressed person can’t understand and advice. But the normal people can understand one thing. They should never let their body and health condition deteriorate too much so that their brain fails to accept any reasonable argument. Life is an onetime opportunity. Let us leave no stone unturned to make it beautiful. Thank You ..

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