Happy World!!!

You say there is only one world but then you are someone who is brave & strong who doesn’t need to create a world within your world.

In the real world I am a mockery. I am not good looking, nor smart nor have any other talent. The only thing I have is lot of love & care for others. I don’t mind being that person but the real world does. They don’t want to be with anyone weak. They push me away. And I am left alone standing on the shores of life.

But do I let these people’s behaviour make me unhappy? No! I don’t want to be sad to be crying to be unhappy. There is enough gloom in the world already.

Hence I retreat in the world I have created for myself. Here there are only happy thoughts. I am alone but not lonely. My love for everything is my cocoon. Surrounded by love & happiness & not a single thought about anything painful. If you sit silently, you might hear the silent hush of the waves. The gentle breeze will caress you & heal you.

Just spending some time here will replenish me & make me ready once again to face the hardships of the world.

This is my sweet humble and a very happy world!