Mirchi Laddoo – Yummylicious!!!

Yo Chilli Balls! A day never passes when I am not looking for this phrase on my time line…

Yes, thats what I prefer to be called nowadays..or Mirchi Laddoo or Laddoo or Mirchi 😉

I dont even remember / want to remember my real name ..This is my real world now. Far from the familial/community/colleagues presence..

There was a time when I was too addicted to facebook. Updating lotsa posts & poems when I was in love & after the heart break earned me the nickname of Mirchi..but someone opposed, said I was too sweet to be called Mirchi..so got another nickname of Laddoo..Of course, it matched my shape as well 😉

So was I to be Mirchi or Laddoo??? Reminded me of my old tagline on my Yahoo ID “Sugar is Sweet but Spice is nice”

Mirchi, provides the necessary spice in life. Mirchi is tasty,Mirchi is fun, hell, Mirchi is Sexy!!!

And Laddoo? Laddoo is sweet..Laddoo comes to rescue when you have too much of the Mirchi..Laddoo is Love!!!

Thats what I am – Sweet like a Laddoo & Spiciy like a Mirchi 😉

Welcome to the world of Mirchi Laddoo 🙂

Your thoughts please? :)