My Own Top Ten Twitter Celeb List!

Much furore was raised on Twitter when Oulook magazine released its version of Twitter Gods.

As my Twitter God says, why make an issue, just look it as the list of Outlook’s favourite Tweeples!

And that made me thinking of my favourite Tweeples, Celebs in their own right!

They are witty, smart, intelligent, humorous & make my Twitter World perfect! A Follow back from them gave me a mini heart attack 🙂

Wanna Meet them??

1. @bizzarebhide: He – My Twitter God. Me – His Stalker 😉 A comment on my freshly created handle, “A Culinary Innovative Delight” made me check out his tweets. I was amazed at his witty tweets & sense of humour. He was the first person I followed on Twitter. His tweets & blogs have made me his fan. 🙂

2. @SirExtraCheese: The first thing I loved about this handle was the word Extra Cheese. I always love extra cheese with my pizza :-). But what I loved most was when I had asked something about baked lays & he replied, “Lets say hi first”. His tweets are nice, sweet, crazy & always make me smile. He writes lovely poems & is a mindblowing photographer. Multi Talented yet so Down to Earth!

3. @mochaccino: She is my dear dear mo & I am her chilly balls 😉 Not just another coffee handle – She is the cutest person I have EVER met. You will surely fall in love with her tweets & get addicted to just like caffeine. My timeline is very boring without her!

4. @HandleNotFound: I met her as @iWritingGirl. Her writing is just WOW! Not many girls/women have guts to write on supposedly “bold” topics. But she does & with such aplomb! She makes my Timeline HAWT!!!

5. @Hitlerbai: She is one bold chick. And funny And cute. I just love her replies to Paulo Coelho’s spanish tweets & also her after sleep plans. I literally roll on floor with laughter!

6. @teraKaminaDost: Though the handle says Kamina, there is nothing kamina about this guy. Share a common grievance of not getting auto in the morning 😉 Roz raat barah baje Santa Banta inhein milne aate hain!

7. @Mindd_it: Our own Rajnikant of Twitter – Mind it! His most famous tweet: “O meri aan, o meri uun” is like a lullaby 😉

8. @pal36: Adi Guru of Twitter. Lord Dattatreya had 24 gurus, he probably has 240+ who tell him what they learnt 😉 His daily question, What Did You Learn Today (#WDYLT) has made me more aware of my learnings of the day & I quite look forward to share it with him 🙂

9. @14_yr_Old_Etard: Followed & Unfollowed him quite a few times due to some of his outrageous views but decided that the outrageous tweets are a tiny fraction as compared to the wisdom he doles out. His blogs are interesting as well. Not 14 year old. Not a retard definitely.

10. @SimpooSir: One handle on which I agree with Outlook completely. His innocent zokes & peezays will definitely make you smile if not laugh. He has answers to all questions including where do you find a soulmate – Mochi ke paas bhai!

Happy Following 🙂


Your thoughts please? :)