Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar ka halwa is my favouritest sweet dish ever! Easy to make and yummy to eat! Since the time I learnt to make it, I used to wait for the winters for the red carrots to flood the market. The halwa tastes best only with these ones. 🙂

Since it is the first day of the year, I wanted to make something special. I had planned to make carrot cake earlier but somehow halwa was beckoning me 😀


1/2 Kg Carrot

1/2 Litre Milk

1 Tablespoon Ghee (Optional) – I used it for the first time today

1 Cup Sugar (As per taste, also depends on sweetness of carrots. If carrots are sweet, don’t add too much sugar)

Pinch of Cardamom powder

Dryfruits for garnishing

How to?

First peel the carrots nicely.


Then Grate them.


Add ghee in a nonstick pan and heat it. This is optional. Doesn’t matter if you don’t add it. I added today just to see the difference.


Add the grated carrots and roast for couple of minutes. Add the milk and simmer on low flame. No need to add Khoya.


Let it simmer for a while. Keep stirring occasionally. When most of the milk is evaporated and the consistency is semi solid, add the sugar.


Add cardamom powder. Once the milk is evaporated completely, turn off the gas. Allow it to set. Garnish with dryfruits. I didn’t set it before taking this pic as wanted it to look warm and soft 😉 )


Happy Eating! And Happy New Year!! 😀

Suji ka Halwa and Akhrot ka Halwa

On a fine Saturday morning, I realised that I am not cooking as much as I should / as much as I promised myself.

A chance comment by dad on walnuts inspired me to cook something with walnuts in it. I looked for recipes and wondered whether we could make akhrot (walnut) ka halwa just like we make badam ka halwa (only heard, never eaten). The recipes that I found on net required khoya / mawa to make the halwa. Since I didn’t want to make complicated recipes & wanted to use everything that was at home (not well and no inclination to move out of home), I decided to make it just like suji ka halwa I made a week back. (Suji ka halwa is also easy peasy to make)

The beauty of this recipe is, you can use suji (rava / semolina) or akhrot (walnut) alternatively. It is easy to cook, fast to make and can satisfy hunger pangs if you don’t mind eating sweets.


1 Cup Suji / rava / semolina


1 cup coarsely crushed walnuts (2 cups whole walnuts crushed in a mixie)

1 Cup milk

1 Cup Sugar

1.5 ladle full ghee (Sorry calorie conscious people 😉 )


Add ghee to a pan. Melt the ghee. Turn the flame to low. Add Suji / crushed Walnuts. Roast till pinkish in colour and fragrant. Add a cup of milk and mix well. Roast till the mix is soft and the milk is not entirely absorbed. For suji ka halwa you will need to add a bit of water as Suji absorbs milk fast & you don’t want the halwa to be too dry. Add sugar & roast till the sugar is absorbed. Garnish with dry fruits.

Walnut Fudge:

If you let the akhrot ka halwa sit for a while, it will harden a bit. Tastes like Walnut Fudge. If you want choco walnut fudge, add half tablespoon cocoa powder while it is soft & mix properly. Refrigerate for 30 minutes. Choco Walnut Fudge is ready!


Suji Ka Halwa

Suji Ka Halwa


Akhrot Ka Halwa

Akhrot Ka Halwa

Hope you guys try this instant recipes and enjoy them as much as I did 🙂

How to cook Rabdi

Rabdi is an Indian dessert made of milk. The combination of Hot Jalebi & Chilled Rabdi is the best! It can be had with Gulab Jamun as well or even just like that! Cooking Rabdi is very easy, however it requires lots of time & patience.

To make a bowl ful of Rabdi, you require:

1 Litre Full Fat milk

1/4 cup Sugar (can vary depending on how sweet you want it to be)

1/4th teaspoon Cardamom powder

A handful of chopped Almonds & Pistachio nuts

How to make Rabdi:

Boil the milk in a thick bottomed pan. Once the milk boils, slow down the gas & let it simmer. Keep a ladle in the pan & stir occasionally specially to gather cream from the sides of the pan & add it back to the milk.



It takes approximately 90 minutes to get the milk to the desired quantity. Meanwhile you can keep the dry fruits chopped. I am not very good at chopping & I discovered this super easy method to “not” chop dry fruits. Put the dry fruits in a zip-lock back, seal it properly & mash it with a kitchen mallet.


The dry fruits in the dish are chopped with knife and the one in the zip lock bag mashed with the mallet. 😀

Once the milk reduces to 1/4th of the quantity, add the sugar. Once it reaches a granular consistency, switch off the gas & add cardamom powder. As soon as the rabdi cools, garnish with chopped dry fruits!


Yummy Rabdi is ready to be served! Enjoy 🙂