Stocking Up

With lots of enthusiasm you enter the kitchen ready to cook your first meal. But before that you need to stock up so that there is no lack of ingredients for whatever you want to cook.

Tea / Coffee: First thing you need when you wake up is Tea / Coffee / Milk Additives.

Breakfast: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For me specially. I have lived years without having lunch but if I don’t get breakfast, you would find me very cranky.

Lunch: What better than cooking lunch for yourself & sharing with your colleagues & getting accolades?

Dinner: Accept it. Outside food is not very healthy & at night, it would be not very fresh either. Plus it is expensive. Rather than risking falling sick & spending money both on food & medicines, make it a habit to cook dinner at home, however tired you might be.

Snacks: Sometimes we need to munch on something when we are watching movies / getting bored / just like that.

Fruits: A healthy option to snacking and ready to eat 😉

Special Meals: To be cooked on weekends or when guests are around.

These are the types of meals you need to keep ingredients stocked up for.

Make a habit of listing down everything you need at the beginning of the month & get it from super market / local grocery store.

Happy Shopping!

Your thoughts please? :)