Hold On!

There have been several turning points in my life where I thought I had lost everything & didn’t have the will to live.

I have attempted to take my life several times hoping death will be an end to all the struggles in life.

Thankfully, those attempts were not successful due to several reasons. Suicide is never an easy task. Maybe I wasn’t brave enough or Maybe my sub-concious wanted me to live.

Today I look back & realise that life is wonderful. with all its flaws, all it’s struggles. A bad day or a bad relationship do not mean a bad life. I am glad those attempts failed. Now I am living life to the fullest hoping that when it all ends naturally, I would be content that my life was not a total waste.

And I would like to tell that younger foolish me several things. Things which will make her come out of the abyss of despair. Write her little notes of encouragement. While doing this, I will also hope to get encouraged today 🙂

♥ Yes, you are changing homes, you are changing schools. You will never see your old friends again. But it doesn’t mean you can’t make new friends.

♥ Keep writing. You will be a writer one day. Don’t tear off your ramblings! You will want to read them some day.

♥ Don’t be foolish to lose focus of what you want to be.

♥ People will make fun of you, if you allow them to. Don’t let it deter you from living your life.

♥ Today you are alone, you don’t have anyone to talk to. But there is a revolution in offing. Things will change.

♥ Never give up on your dreams. Your dreams are given to you to be cherished, nurtured & turn into reality.

♥ You will love, you will get hurt. But your wounds will heal. Don’t let the hurt scare you from falling in love.

♥ You are beautiful. Don’t let comments of stupid people make you believe otherwise.

♥ You are a survivor. You will survive & you are gonna amaze yourself one day.

So, Hold on. Hold on for an amazing life. Hold on & throw away the dangerous things. Hold on & continue your journey with your head held high!

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2 thoughts on “Hold On!

  1. There are a few things even I want to tell my old self. But then there are a few things the present self needs to understand too. *sigh*

    I thoroughly loved it. 🙂

    • mirchiladdoo says:

      Totally agree! Read that line, I will encourage her & also get encouraged? Even today I would require to read those notes. My younger self shows its glimpses now & then 😉 :*

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