You Are Not Alone – Your Life Matters

Suicide is one of the most dangerous words in the world. In simple terms, suicide means deliberately killing oneself.

When one is fed up of life or their circumstances (financial woes, sickness) or is suffering from depression or other mental illness, one might think of ending it all.

The level of despair is such that one cannot have rational thoughts, cannot think of anything positive.

Life has it’s own ups and downs. It is not always a bed of roses. Or you might say, the roses are always accompanied by thorns.

When a person is suicidal, their mind is full of darkness. One can only see a long tunnel with no light at the end.

No one can identify from your face that you are having suicidal thoughts. You may appear cheery or happy but no one knows what goes inside your mind.

One can say it is the brightest before the dark night falls.

In such a situation, what should you do if you are suicidal?

Seeking help is the only way out of it. Talk to your friends or family. Tell them upfront you need help. Take help of a professional. They are equipped with tools and resources to help you. Call suicide helpline.

One of the best things about the age of smart phones is ease of connectivity, ease of awareness, ease of finding information.

We have been given this gift of life for some purpose. Find your purpose, don’t end your life!