The Guturgoo Game


What’s a Gutargooo?

Ans.: License to ask stupid questions with serious intensity to terrify twelebs & gain fame.

Example 1:

Guturgoo: Do you think your incapability of tweeting something on your own makes you harass a psycho-analyst?

Bhokali: Yes I do, because I don’t know what to do. :B

Guturgoo: Β Don’t you think a tweet from someone whose follower count doesn’t justify his no of tweets is harassment?

Bhokali: offo next koschan, next koschan!!! 😐

Guturgoo: What makes you so scared of questions? Is the root reason your failure to cope with exams?

Bhokali: Eh bien! No it is because my toothpaste doesn’t contain salt. πŸ™

Guturgoo: Why do you need salt in toothpaste? Do you worship Asuras? Are you south indian?

Bhokali: I worship , chhaddo ji, sharm aawe hain naam lene mein :”>

Guturgoo: Why are you afraid of speaking the truth? Did someone tell you Harry Potter is a myth?

Bhokali: HARRY POTTER IS NOT A MYTH YOU MUGGLE! :'< (Guturgoo has found his weakness)

Guturgoo: Don’t you think you should introspect & analyse why you are delusional?

Bhokali: Nayh, kaun kare itna kaam! πŸ˜›

Guturgoo: Do you think being lazy will make you invisible from society?

Bhokali: No, on the contrary, it will make me phamuss in the society! B-)

Guturgoo: Is your ambition to be famous in society a revenge of neglect you faced in childhood?

Bhokali: On the contrary, I was paid a lot of attention during my childhood, which makes me keep expecting the same now too! πŸ˜€

Guturgoo: Are you desperately trying to thwart every coherent attempt that unmasks the darkness of your childhood you don’t want anyone to know?

*Bhokali faints*

Example 2:

Guturgoo: Do you think that if you act cute you will be accepted by society?

Bhokali: Why, was that not the social protocol of acceptance ? 😐

Guturgoo: Don’t you think you are delusional?

Bhokali: No I am not :3

Guturgoo: Don’t you think that by saying that you have proved you are delusional?

Bhokali: Being delusional and accepting the fact are two different things. I don’t accept I am delusional. Movies nhi dekhti kya :3

Guturgoo: Another proof that you are delusional. Do you know how many movies are funded by Islam Mafia?

Bhokali: No I don’t know , you tell me na? :’9

Guturgoo: Do you use weird smileys because they resemble your face?

Bhokali: You answer my koschan first. :B

Guturgoo: Your improper use of English reflects that your parents didn’t like you and so didn’t send you to school.

*Bhokali eating Roshogulla to calm himself*

And one more bites the dust! She gets a Sikka from her purse & puts it in the piggy bank & laughs wildly!!!