Sabarimala became famous recently for all the wrong reasons. Supreme Court said that there should be no discrimination and women should be allowed to enter the Ayappa temple.

Wait, what? Women are banned from one more temple? Read The Forbidden Temple. 

Uff, no! #NotAllWomen only menstruating women are banned from entering the temple.

But whai????

Various reasons available, choose what you like:

1. Swami Ayappa is a brahmachari. Hence.

2. Goddess Malikappurathilamma is waiting for him. So women out of respect of their love, don’t go to the temple.

3. Menstruating women pollute the temple.

4. You cannot visit the temple just like that. You need to fast and follow strict rituals for 41 days. Only then you are eligible to visit the temple. Menstruating women will find it difficult to follow the rituals while on period. Hence.

So which one do you like?

Me? I like the last option, it sounds sensible.

So are you in favour of the ban?

No, I don’t favour the ban on menstruating women entering the temple. But I think they should follow the 41 days fasting ritual too. (I wonder if the activist who gate crashed the temple, who may or may not be carrying a blood soaked sanitary napkin (Ewwwww) complete the 41 day ritual) If a woman is a true devotee of Ayappa and she wants to go to Sabarimala that badly, it shouldn’t be a problem for her. And people should stop treating menstruation as polluting.

Stop debating. Start progressing.