Special Dates!


365 days in a year & 365 dates. Some are ordinary & some special. In the era of Social Media, these dates have garnered more interest & popularity.

In 2011 it was 09/10/11 then 11/11/11 and 20/11/2011, In 2012 10/11/12 & 20/12/2012 & In 2013 it will be 11/12/13

Some people wished to do something special on these days.

Some managed to make it special either co-incidentally or through extra efforts..

However, some remained cynical & tried to shrug off the special dates as “so what???”

For any special days, there always have been such cynics around.

I sometimes feel they are poor souls who have nothing to celebrate in their life or just want to turn up their noses against whatever is popular.

These cynics say why celebrate valentine’s day, mother’s day, etc., when you can make it special everyday.

I say, I agree we can make everyday special but do we strive to make any day as special?

Sometimes a person gets to feel special only because there is a pressure to make such days special else even that day would be taken as granted.

And as far as commercialism goes, you need not spend thousands of bucks to make any day special.

Make efforts in thinking of plans which don’t cost money. You might be surprised how happy that person can be with your small gestures rather than expensive gifts.

Remember the Best Gifts in life are free.

Go celebrate that special day with your special someone! <3