Heartbreak – How to pick up the pieces.

People will say heart is just a blood pumping machine.

But is that really true? Heart is not just a blood pumping machine for us. It is a place where our feelings stay.

And everything they say about heart is not metaphorical. Once I was hurt very very badly by someone I love (not disclosing the incident as the person doesn’t know about it) & I cried very badly. After some time I could feel pain in my heart. The hurt was that bad.

So as I was saying feelings stay in the heart..positive, negative, friendship, love, hatred, envy, all sorts of feelings. And sometimes the negative feelings overpower all the positive ones & the heart can’t take it anymore & it breaks.

What you do when this happens? First you are in a denial mode, then self pity & finally you start accepting the fact.

You can never get over a heart break. Time lets you forget the pain but your heart will never be the same again.

What do you do to make the healing process faster?

1. Don’t hate yourself: It was not you nor that person. You can’t fight destiny sometimes. Don’t hate yourself. This is the time when you need your love the most.


2. Distract yourself: Go for a trip with / without friends. Have a comedy movie / comedy sitcom marathon. I recommend Modern Family & Raising Hope 😉


3. Focus on Positive Things: Focus on positive things in your life. Take steps to improve yourself. Learn a new skill. Workout. Spend all the energy you would on useless thoughts in exercise.


4. Write it down: When you write down your feelings, you reduce their intensity.


5. Cry: It’s ok to cry. Cry as much as you want but not for long. Just remove all the waste that has accumulated in your heart.


6. Forgive them: Remember whatever that person did, they might have had a reason. Understand their perspective. Forgive them. Forgiveness reduces your anger & helps heal your heart faster.


7. Be Cheerful: Remember, your happiness matters to people around you. Smile & spread happiness instead of remaining sad. Cheer Up by Cheering other.