Fighting the Blues

Past few days I have been living alone at home. Even though I like to be left alone, I don’t really like to be alone for a long time. Wake up in the morning, do all the household chores like a responsible person (adult) and then log in to work. The day is interspersed with twitter, books, movies, shows, gaming, video calling mom, sister or baby barfi and eating. The routine made me think is this how my life will be when the situation becomes permanent? What if something happens to me while I am sleeping? How will people know? Will my body rot like Parveen Babi’s did before people find out I am dead? Will they need to break the door? What is the alternative? Should I ask for tips on survival? Will I have to rent a companion? (Like Mrs. Van Hooper from Rebecca did)

I know I am privileged. I have many resources. I count my blessings every day when my mind diverts to that one thing I don’t have. But even privileged people have the right to feel lonely and low and cry their heart out, no?

Do you also feel like this sometimes?

Feel Lovely Not Lonely!

I feel lonely lone lone lone lonely!

Waking up on a holiday & realise you have plenty of places to go & no one to go with?

On the middle of a busy day you want to just take a break & talk away with someone?

In the night when feeling a bit mushy & find no one special to talk to?

That urge of hugging someone when life overwhelms & no one around?

This is what loneliness is. Sometimes it hits you like a gushing water fall. Sometimes it becomes a part of your living. Solitude is desirable. Loneliness is not. It brings hell lot of negative emotions & doesn’t allow us to live life fully.

It is easy to say & difficult to live but you need to get rid of the nagging feeling before it devours you.

How? you would ask.

I am no expert. But I have lived it & still trying to get out of it. Just sharing some of the things that helped me.

1. Don’t berate yourself: Do not let loneliness fill you with inferiority complex. Realise you are a fabulous person. Born to make a difference. Everyone is created with a purpose. You are not useless.


2. Get Busy:  Join a hobby class. Sports club. Gym. You will meet like minded people & also you will have a distraction from negative thoughts. You could even start your own hobby classes. What better way to use your gifts!


3. Don’t fall in the pit of self pity: Whenever you feel you are wallowing in self pity. Stop. Take a deep breath & get involved in some physical activity. Take a walk. Go for some veggie shopping. Clean your wardrobe. This will freshen you up!


4. Date yourself: Take a book & go to your favourite cafe. Read while enjoying a hot cup of coffee. Note down your observations. Have material for your blog / journal / diary / novel.


5. Be Social: Call people you haven’t in a while. Visit relatives who are close to you. Have a gossip session with your friends.


6. Be Good Company: Your loneliness makes you value good company. Be that yourself. Help out people whom you know are lonely & nowhere to go. Visit orphanages / old age homes & gift your time. Help others to help yourself.


Moral: You have to be your own knight. Rescue yourself. Make Efforts. And you won’t feel lonely anymore. Not for long time at least. 🙂