Fighting the Blues

Past few days I have been living alone at home. Even though I like to be left alone, I don’t really like to be alone for a long time. Wake up in the morning, do all the household chores like a responsible person (adult) and then log in to work. The day is interspersed with twitter, books, movies, shows, gaming, video calling mom, sister or baby barfi and eating. The routine made me think is this how my life will be when the situation becomes permanent? What if something happens to me while I am sleeping? How will people know? Will my body rot like Parveen Babi’s did before people find out I am dead? Will they need to break the door? What is the alternative? Should I ask for tips on survival? Will I have to rent a companion? (Like Mrs. Van Hooper from Rebecca did)

I know I am privileged. I have many resources. I count my blessings every day when my mind diverts to that one thing I don’t have. But even privileged people have the right to feel lonely and low and cry their heart out, no?

Do you also feel like this sometimes?