Let us make this Earth a beautiful place!

It was once said by a great thinker & philosopher that you are nothing but trustees of this planet.

I agree with this totally & believe that it is our duty to keep our planet as beautiful & serene as it was when created by God.

In the past few centuries, we have grown by leaps & bounds in terms of industrial development & communication. But at what cost? We have exploited our natural resources endlessly.

We are only 1 of the lakhs of species on Planet Earth. But we have crowned ourselves Kings & Queens of this planet. We behave as if everything is made only for us.

If we continue to do so, there would be nothing left for the future generations. There will be no life other than human beings & what kind of life it would be?

Doesn’t look very good, does it?

But this is not an era of despair & disappointment!

All is not lost yet!!

We need not wear tree leaves & go & live in the jungle. What we need to do is take few small steps.

We are lucky to have information at our finger tips. There are articles, books, magazines, websites – all to show what we can do.

Some of the things we can do:

1. Avoid wastage, especially of water. Check that none of the taps at your home / office are leaking. Always close the tap fully.

2.Have bucket bath instead of showers.

3.Do not litter.

4.Plant a tree in your compound so that you can watch over it.

5.Use public transport whenever possible.

6.Think before you hit the print button. Always preview whatever you are going to print.

7.Use Cloth bags. You can design them & get it stitched by your local tailor. Trendy & Environment Friendly!

8.Use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins.

9.Whenever you are not using, always switch off your appliances. Do not keep them in Stand by mode.

10.Do not buy products which are made by killing animals, especially endangered species.

11.Do not take undue advantage of resources freely available.

Just choose one thing & stick to it. Take a pledge.

Be Aware & Spread The Awareness.

And together we shall make our Earth a beautiful planet to live in – for us & for our children!!!


Go Green Ganesh!

Tomorrow our beloved Ganapati Bappa will be visiting our homes!

Many of us are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Lord Ganesh, the God of wisdom, prosperity & auspiciousness.

On Ganesh Chaturthi, we will bring Lord Ganesh with lots of fanfare to our homes or public mandals. Whilst the Lord is staying with us, we will be taking good care of him, offer him delicious sweets, decorate the place with fragrant flowers & incense sticks.


We will also say good bye to the Lord in a pompous manner.

But what after the idol is immersed in water? Does anyone think about that?

3 2

Just look at these snaps! Do they evoke respect? Or do they evoke DISGUST???

It is time we show some sensitivity. Towards our lord and towards our planet!

It is time to


Get only Eco Friendly Idols for your home / mandals. You can easily get information regarding this on the internet.


Pledge to make the Ganesh Festival a Pollution Free Festival.

Spread Awareness amongst your friends & family & show your true devotion!!!

And Lord Ganesh will bless you with prosperity 🙂


Hariyali ki taraf rasta!

  • Forests are the renewable sources of nature
  • They are home to living creatures,
  • They contribute in maintaining biodiversity
  • They regulate the climate
  • They provide industrial timber and fuel,
  • They prevent and mitigate sudden freshets that lead to flooding

Afforestation is a proven method which contributes to environmental conservation, less-polluted industrial development and healthy community activation!!

Hariyali in Thane (near Mumbai), is one of the rare organisations in India which takes up this activity!

In 2008, we formed a Go Green committee at work. This committee consisted of members who were passionate about the environment & wanted to do something about conserving the same.

Initially we started sending emails about awareness & also arranged a small presentation. However, we wanted to do more! One of the members of the committee came across this NGO Hariyali. The chief founders of this NGO are Senior Citizens who were passionate just like us about environment but are actively involved in making this planet a little more greener.

Apart from other activities, they were also involved in Afforestation of an area in Bhavale, near Thane Nasik Highway. We planned to check it out one Saturday. The plantation activity was being done by NSS students & other corporate employees. We were amazed at the enthusiasm of the founders. Their agility in climbing up the hill ashamed us & made us realize how unfit we were.

We started with the plantation work after a short briefing. The Saplings had to be carried to the top of the hill, where they would be planted. At the end of the task, we were satisfied & decided to involve more colleagues in to this activity.

Initial Planter

Saplings being planted


Pilot Batch

The Proud Pilot Batch!

Since then, every year we manage to go there once. The plantation is done in monsoon, it drizzles most of the time & this activity became fun for all of us!

Planting saplings is not enough. We also need to protect the plants & see to it that they are growing properly. We also need water conservation so that plants don’t wilt during summers. Constructing bunds, ponds, etc is a part of the post plantation activity.

This year, post the tree plantation activity, we came to know about the hurdles the NGO is facing, especially shortage of volunteers & we decided to contribute more than once a year.

In the second visit of the year, we helped in digging up a pond & some of the members were also involved in creating saplings & sowing seeds. 15 Saplings were made by 6 year old daughter of a colleague! Catching them young, we are 😉

Weed Uprooters

Uprooting Weed

Pond Diggers

Digging Pond!

Seeds N Saplings

Sowing seeds & managing saplings!


All this is due to encouragement of our senior management. Without their support, it wouldn’t have been possible to sustain this activity for so many years.

After 6 years, the place has metamorphosed from a barren land to lush forest. We also feel proud that the forest contains some of the trees planted by us. Just like we are enjoying fruits of someone else’s labour, someone else will be enjoying fruits of our labour. It also feels great to give something back to nature!

Barren Land

In 2008 – The land was almost barren!

Lush Forest

In 2014 – It’s a lush forest!