Today I wore the same t shirt I had worn 2 years ago. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I couldn’t believe how much I had changed! Even my team members agreed!

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This change is not only due to weight loss. Of course it plays an important role. My attitude and belief towards myself have changed for the better. I am more confident and sure about myself. I don’t carry the burden of always being rejected anymore. I know I am beautiful and this reflects in my over all appearance.

I have also realised that while we give importance to inner beauty, we forget to take care of our physical beauty. There is no harm in grooming ourselves, looking pleasanter and having an attractive body. Not for anyone else but for us!

I know this is just a beginning of the journey. I need to get fitter and slimmer. But the journey so far has been very satisfying. I feel very happy looking in the mirror, getting appreciative glances, getting loads of compliments from friends and family! This keeps me motivated 🙂

Thank you for everyone who has helped me make this possible, specially V.

Eating Healthy

The most common new year resolution is to lose weight / get fitter / eat healthier / say no to junk food.

We keep on procrastinating until one day we receive a wake up call like sickness of self or others.

And we finally decide to take matters in our hands. To regain our health & fitness.

We might have to change our lifestyle completely. But it is not easy as it sounds. I too have been there done that.

It is difficult to form habits, specially good habits, but we need to remember that nothing is impossible.

All you need is dedication, perseverance & eye to the goal.

And most importantly to be SMART!

❤ Make two lists – What you should eat & what you shouldn’t. This would help you in shopping smartly.


 Don’t give up on your favourite food completely. If you give up entirely, after a short time you will be back to your old diet.

lazy-dog-cafe-westminster-ca-lazy-dog-burger-and-fries-610x407❤ You can not make temporary changes. Unless you are sure you can do this for lifetime, do not try any fad diets.

before after Do not tell your family & friends that you are going on a diet. Chances are you will be force fed things you wouldn’t want to eat. (Arre ek din khane se kucchh nahin hoga, etc etc) Rings a bell, doesn’t it? 😉

images Increase intake of your favourite fruits and nuts (not fruit & nut chocolate & not salted / fried nuts, ok?) They are definitely better than desserts and processed foods.

fruit-and-nuts Start cooking for yourself. Lesser calories taken, less expensive & infact you BURN calories while cooking! Win Win right?

Handsome man cooking at home preparing salad in kitchen. Don’t forget exercising! A healthy lifestyle is the one where everything is balanced. You can start with whatever you are comfortable with. Yoga / Walking / Gymming / Sports / Dance! Grab opportunities to increase your physical activity!


And when you can walk / run / jump effortlessly, start fitting in clothes one / two sizes less than you usually wear, and get all sorts of compliments, these changes these would be worth it!


So what are you waiting for? New Year / Monday / Birthday? Don’t! Do it now! There is no better time than NOW! 🙂