Don’t call me unhealthy, call me fat!

Vogue recently did a photo shoot with plus size models (as opposed to the usual zero size models) A move by the magazine to find favour in the eyes of a larger audience & thus boosting its sales.

As usual the verdict on the shoot was divided in two categories. One side cheered the magazine for its bold move and another screamed to stop promoting unhealthy life style.

I know right? I was as zapped as you are! People who don’t even know what plus size means where shouting their opinions on how fat people are lazy and unhealthy and careless and blah blah blah.

It is time to bust their myth, isn’t it?

A. Plus Size doesn’t mean only fat. People who are well built, with a stout body structure or with a taller and broader frame would be included in this category. Skinny and delicate are NOT the only size God created people in.

B. Fat doesn’t mean unhealthy: I have seen lot of people who eat healthy, work out and still are not able to remove the excess fat. Have you seen some of the dancers and choreographers who are fat yet dance with grace? All the dancercise should make them thin, right? Being fat does not come only from unhealthy eating. There are various factors which lead to being fat. Genes, metabolism, hormones disorders are some of the factors which cause people to be fat. No doubt obesity leads to various diseases. But it is wrong to say all fat people are unhealthy, while subtly hinting that all thin people are healthy.

I have seen 20 something people cribbing about climbing down the stairs, which doesn’t even require efforts. I have seen them waiting for elevator to reach 2nd floor which they could climb in the same time as the wait time.

I have seen thin people having a huge appetite as compared to fat people and they eat the same food fat people do. Not some healthy no carb no sugar diet.

So even if you think Plus Sized clothes are for fat people, don’t unnecessary give gyaan on how fat and diseases are related. Mind your own business and let fat people enjoy a little bit of fashion too.



Fat is Fab!

Are you depressed because people are fat shaming you?

Do you go & indulge into an ice cream sundae when you don’t get a dress you like in your size?

Do you think only in dreams you can get that hottie you see everyday to like you?

Do you think Fat is Ugly?

Then this post is for you.

Let me break the myth for you in the first line. Fat is not ugly. Fat is Fabulous. Here’s why:

 Fun: Have you noticed how people start smirking, making jokes on you & calling you funny names? If it weren’t for fat people, where would they get their daily dose of humour? Laughter is supposed to be world’s best medicine & hence you are one of the best doctors!

Service to Mankind: Most people in the world love to give advices. And Fat people are the ones who are easy audience. Everyone knows weight loss tips & they know fat people would listen to them in a hope of finding a miracle. You give chance to people to do what they love the most! Isn’t it a great service to humankind?

Reduce Competition: Fat people are obviously not attractive & hence less no chance of getting opposite sex’s attention & hence less competition for thin people to get someone they desire! Also, aunties of the family know no one would marry the fat kid of the family & they would get more time to make matches for the deserving ones!

Friends of Doctors: Fat people are the ones who would get all types of lifestyle diseases. High cholesterol, Diabetes, Heart troubles, Joint pains & what not. Also lazy as they are, they would try lots of shortcuts to lose weight. Guess who gets lots of business? 🙂

Livelihood: Food business & Fuel Industry depends largely on fat people. Since Fat people consume 10 times of food what normal people eat & also since they cant walk & have to rely on auto & cabs, they fuel livelihood of people in this industry! Whos the boss now? 😉

Dieting inducers: Since fat people consume so much food, so little is left for others. They might not be great at losing weight, but they surely help other people diet & keep their weight in check. (y)

Clothes: Being XXXL in size, they also fuel the economy of textile manufacturers as they would need huge volume of fabric to cover their massive body!

Are you still reading? Do you still need to know why Fat is Fab? Look into the mirror, think of these points, smile & face the world with confidence! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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