Might is Right or Not?


We all remember this scene from Tom & Jerry, don’t we?

 Tom & Jerry taught us Mouse is scared of cats and cats are in turn scared of dogs.

 In real life though, I have seen cats being scared by mighty rats and dogs being scared by mighty cats.

One may think it is not about the species though. It could be because of the size. After all, might is right, they say.

One scene I witnessed recently made me think about the whole situation though.

I was passing by a market & saw that a pile of meat waste and severed chicken head were lying on the road.

A cat was lapping it up hungrily. Natural, isn’t it?

But what I saw next blew my mind!

A dog was waiting behind the cat as if waiting for her to finish the meal so that he can gorge on the leftovers.

Isn’t it an example of perfect camaraderie?

I would have clicked their pic but it would have disturbed the whole scene.

The memory of that scene would be forever etched in my mind though!

Do share if you have witnessed any such incidents 🙂