Monday Blues

Come Sunday and everyone is cribbing about the Monday looming ahead. In the process they don’t even enjoy Sunday completely.

monday crib


The main reason for hating Monday, in my opinion is we laze around so much during the weekend that lifting our bum to go to work seems a horrible thought. But there is a reason we are supposed to work. Not everyone can afford the luxury of sleeping all the time. Also, even if you were a millionaire, you would get bored doing nothing!

It would be better to accept the fact and do our best to not let Monday be a nightmare and be as cheerful as we would be on Friday πŸ˜‰

✎ Get a job which you love: The excitement of doing something you love will never let you dread going to work.


✎ Plan something new for Monday: Always try something new on Monday. It could be a new class, workshop, dress, lipstick or even a new menu. Excitement of doing something new would drive away the blues πŸ˜‰


✎ Bring out the favourites: If not something new, you can always cheer yourself by wearing your favourite outfit, or shirt or shoes. Wouldn’t you feel happier? (On that note, wish the dress code at work was more relaxed. Imagine being able to wear jeans and tee everyday! πŸ˜‰ )


✎ Bring on the Smile: A beautiful smile not only brightens your day but also of the ones around you! Don’t be shy! Smile the brightest and see the blues vanish!!


This list is not exhaustive! You can think of your own measures. After all you are the best judge of what makes you happy!! πŸ˜‰

happy monday



Your thoughts please? :)