Happy Women’s Day!

Come March and you know woman’s day is around the corner. You are bombarded with special deals for women, discounts, events and what not!


This way of celebrating is nothing but reiterating the cliche that women are born to shop! This is SO NOT the way! It limits the day to be a symbolic gesture & doesn’t emphasis the actual reason it is celebrated.

The Women’s Day started being celebrated to create more awareness about the issues women faced in the early 20th century. Read more here: Why celebrate Women’s Day!

The issues faced by today’s women are not much different than what women faced couple of centuries back. It is important to not let this day be just about gifts and pampering. Let this day be about making ourselves aware of what we are and what we are capable of. Let men take a moment to appreciate the sweetness in their lives brought by women. Let men understand that it is love and respect we seek and not trinkets and flowers. Let men know that women are human beings too and have every right to all the freedom men enjoy! (Yes, including paying bills without men feeling emasculated)

Be happy that you are born a woman! Be happy about the quirks God gifted you with! Treat all women as your sisters and friends and not indulge in petty power plays!

Wish all women out there a very Happy Women’s Day!!!



Your thoughts please? :)