Recently India celebrated it’s 68th Independence Day. A long tedious struggle resulted in the British leaving India for good. After 68 years, and several generations later, it is not possible to imagine how much that freedom meant to us. We don’t appreciate fully that we are not enslaved to any country. We can’t imagine how much our forefathers & mothers were tortured for the desire to breathe in free air.

Maybe we would realise that when we are free from our own demons. Maybe one day we will breathe in fresh air, our desires un-caged. But this freedom is not going to come on it’s own. The journey is full of struggles, which at some point will make you want to kill yourself. Sometimes you might want to succumb. These are the moments when you need to remember what you are fighting for.

These are some of the things I need freedom from:

❋ The cliched thinking of society. I want to live in a free minded society where there are no traditional norms to be followed. It is all right for a boy to play with dolls, it is all right for a girl to play with cars.

❋ Fairy Tales of Princess & Prince Charming. Fairy Tales of Ogres & Princess turned into Ogres. There should also be a fairy tale for an Ogress & Prince Charming! 

❋ Uneducated Literate people. Let the schools teach valuable lessons to be imbibed. Let schools teach us how to be civil. Let schools teach us to be liberal & modern in true sense & not just be a road to earn our livelihood!

❋ Monsters! Monsters who are in every corner. Monsters who hurt innocent people. Let there be more angels than monsters in the world!

I am doing my bit. Will you help me? Will you be part of this revolution?

Your thoughts please? :)