An Open Letter to you

Hello dear,

How are you doing today? Hope your day has been normal so far & nothing untoward has happened.

I have been watching you since some time & know that you are incredibly talented & an amazing person. You are beautiful & have brains. Not everyone is blessed with such a combo. Some don’t have either. Yes, time has been cruel to you. You have been hurt. Your world has turned upside down. You don’t have everything you have wished for.

It hurts me to see you hurt. I just want you to know that world is not as bad as you think. Don’t be so cynical yet. Smile & be happy in the knowledge that there are people who love you, who care for you, the way you are. You are special now & you will be special always. All I can do is pray for you, pray for your better tomorrow.

This letter is sealed with lots of love, hugs & kisses.

Forever yours to love,

Mirchi Laddoo

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