New Year Resolutions!

Come 1st January & the air is full with new year wishes, party spirit & wait for it – New Year Resolutions!!!

Though cynics try to mar the spirit by saying that why wait for new year? If you want to better your life, any day is good..These are the ones who say why celebrate special days..they are as good as any other day.. I believe that beginning of new year symbolises turning a new leaf & is a great day to start something new in your life..of course how much you stick to your resolution is directly proportional to how committed you are & you need to be like Salman Khan if you want to keep your New Year Resolution 😉

And now one month down the line, there are chances your commitment be fading a little. You might not see the results you wanted to which has made you bit disappointed. But Fear Not!!! This is the time to introspect, why you made that resolution.. Take a look at the goal you want to achieve. Realise how much you have progressed in this one month! You just have a little bit more to go..Stay Strong! Stay Focused! All The Best!!!


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