2018 – The year gone by

Even though nothing significant happened in 2018, it was not a bad year for me. Yes, couple of bad things did happen. Lost a very dear family member and also lost couple of friendships. Learnt few lessons there.

  • I need to get over my awkwardness over death to be there for my family and friends
  • If someone has stopped sharing any good / bad things happening to them, the friendship is dead. And no, it’s not you all the times. People change, their priorities change. We need to accept that we will never be part of their life anymore
  • Do not accept being taken for granted

Now, for the good things:

  • Gave mom a pleasant surprise – Took her to Golden Pagoda, which was on her wish list
  • Hosted a small time awards function @ work and rocked it!
  • Travelled to North East on my own (Guwahati / Shillong / Cherrapunji)
  • Rediscovered LinkedIn – one more platform to pimp my work :p
  • Got an unexpected compliment from an unexpected person (About my enthusiastic approach to work)
  • Got back to Operations and now working for a wonderful client
  • Went to Haji Ali – discovered a new place in Mumbai
  • Spent some lovely time with my niece (3 vacations)
  • Met Aditi after a really long time and some missed opportunities
  • Started a bookstagram account @bookdragonhaven (Name courtesy @devillaughslast, account courtesy Aditi & Pratya) It’s going good for now
  • Got to visit an orphanage and an old age home courtesy CSR @ work
  • Finished reading 209 books
  • Watched 100 movies
  • Lost some more weight

Looking forward to 2019 and what it has in store for me! Hope you had a good 2018 & wish you a fantastic 2019!!!