Let’s change the world! Not.

Changing the world is every idealist’s dream. Everyone knows what is wrong with the world & only if they had powers, they would go & make everything right.

Problem is The Right World is a very subjective thing. What is right for one idealist might not be right for another & if everyone got freedom to change the world, there would be utter chaos. Just like if God granted everyone’s wishes.

I am no idealist and neither a crusader. I can only see what is wrong with me & try to change that. As cliched as it may sound, changing myself would make the world a better place, probably only for me. But then everyone who took up that task, would have a better world, isn’t it?

Try to be kind & compassionate towards others. Try to spread love rather than hate. Let people remember you for what a good person you were rather than saying good riddance when you are gone.

I pledge this. Would you like to join me in making this world a beautiful place to live in?