The Red Devil – More than Mood Swings

Whenever internet / any site is down, how many times have you heard, why is XYZ PMSing? They are obviously referring to the mood swings which accompany the start of periods.

But do the jokers know PMS is more than mood swings?

Menstruation also known as periods or chums or red devils is the monthly discharge of blood from the vagina for three to six days. It starts when a girl hits puberty & it continues till almost 3 decades of her life.

The Menstrual Cycle is not only about the blood discharge. It brings along various physical & mental changes due to fluctuations in hormone levels. Three days before the start of periods, the face & stomach bloat, breasts feel tender & painful, legs ache a lot. The symptoms differ from woman to woman. During periods, you get cramps in your stomach & back & fatigue & various other physical discomforts. Apart from these women also have to deal with the stress of staining clothes & some women have to deal with religious rubbish associated with the periods.

Even without the hormone fluctuation, can you imagine how irritating all these symptoms are? How cranky it would make you if you have to face this? Add the hormone fluctuation & the irritation goes up 10 times. And this is the time we need lots of rest & lots of TLC. But do we ever give women what they want? We only know how to joke about their pain, don’t we?

Girls & Women juggle studies, work, home efficiently even in those days & still you expect them to be all cheerful? Have you ever seen your mom not putting a hot meal in front of you just because she is on her periods? Have you seen a woman colleague take leave every month for 3 days?

This is her power. This is her strength. To endure all difficulties in life & still go on with her duties & responsibilities.

This Women’s day, if you really care about women, take a pledge to respect her periods. Take a pledge not to joke about it in a lame way. If you can do more, give her lots of rest & love & care & support. She will feel better, be less irritable & you will be spared of her wrath too. WIN-WIN 😀

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