I know what you want to do this summer!


Summer is here! To trouble us with heat, sweat, irritation & boredom. But just like everything has it’s pros & cons both, so does summer!! Let’s enjoy summer to the fullest!!

1. Indoor Games: Since it is hot & sultry outside & no one wants to sweat like a pig, people prefer to stay indoors and what is best than playing some nice board games & bond with family?? Scrabble, Monopoly, Dumb charades so many choices to pick from!


2. Vacations: Children have vacations in summer & it is perfect time to move to a cool hill station for some days! Plan in advance to get some good offers. 🙂

hill station

I had one of my best vacations in Kulu Manali, Himachal Pradesh!

3. Water Parks: If you don’t have time to go to a hill station, no worries! You have the best option right in your city! Yes, water parks! Go with your friends & family & have a splashing time in the rides!

water park


My favourite is the Aqua Splash ride in Esselworld! Pure Heaven!

4. Coolers: Spend hot afternoons making yummy coolers! You can try the traditional Aam ka Panha, Rooh Afza or make something new! Wear your creative hat!



My favourite all time cooler would be Ice Gola!! MMMMMMM!!!


5. Mangoes: The best thing about summer!!! Hog on mangoes, mango juice & umpteen mango delicacies. This is once in a year offer for us!!


6. Watermelons: This is the best time to go on a diet, lose weight by just eating water melons for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Filling, Cooling & so delicious!


7. Cool Accessories: Bring out the breezy sun dresses / tops, pastels, whites. Summer is the reason to be more stylish with hats, sunglasses & cool cottons!



Happy Summer everyone!!!