A New Beginning!


She was seething with anger. Anger towards her life & her helplessness. Anger fuelled her pace. She was unaware of leering glances of strangers. She had only her destination in mind – the sea. The one which had calmed her all her life, was going to give her the ultimate peace. She was taken aback by the Beach Patrol driving around the beach. Hesitatingly she decided to wait for them to go away.

Suddenly a constable came & started scolding her for being at such a dangerous place at midnight. A woman staying under the bridge had sensed her purpose & called the constable from the nearby police chowky. “What would be the result if some goons kidnapped you & sold you to a brothel?” he asked? Petrified, she started crying & poured her life story.

This mellowed the constable. He tried to calm her by offering water & the best piece of advice anyone had given her. He said, “God has given purpose to every life. Think of the unfortunate who are thirsting for love. Look at the orphanages, the old age home, the street urchins. Find your purpose in them”

Now, 25 years later, she looked back at that incident with happy tears. She was now the principal of the school run by the orphanage & always surrounded by lovely children. The End had turned into a Beautiful Beginning!!!