Like a Movie Scene!

Ja Simran jee le apni zindagi.. said her father. The heroine ran towards her hero, who was in the moving train holding his hand out for her. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when the heroine managed to board the train. The train set off to the horizon of happily ever after.

While walking towards home Maera started dreaming about running to catch a train, which happened almost daily, & a strong muscular hand holding out to help her board the train, which never happened & probably never would. With a sigh she unlocked her apartment. Late night at movies meant she would get only half of the sleep she needed. She closed her eyes & was instantly transported to the world of Monday blues, missed trains, a horse approaching her without carrying her knight.

The alarm shrieked violently & Maera woke up with a start. She had snoozed the alarm couple 10 times and was late as usual. She hurried with her shower & got dressed in a jiffy. It was already 6 when she reached her station. The 5.59 local had started moving. She tried to board the moving train & there it was. The hand which she dreamed of pulling her in the train. She was stunned & stopped herself. The guy tried to hold her hand & pull her in but it was like her legs had grown roots & were refusing to budge. And that’s how she missed her train!