Love Notes For You!

The most mushy day of the year was here. How could I, the eternal hopelessly romantic be untouched by it?

Writing Love Notes to the One I am yet to meet!

♥ I am crazy about you!

♥ My heart smiles when I think of you!

♥ My eyes want to see only you!

♥ Your good morning wish works like coffee for me!

♥ Your good night wish gives me sweet dreams!

♥ You are tattooed in my heart forever.

♥ I waited for you for so long..but every second was worth waiting for you!

 Your lips write poetry on my skin. I have no use of words!

♥ I was trapped in the desert of life.. your love has been an oasis to me!

♥ I will fight the world to be with you!

♥ In the song of my life you are the rhythm!

♥ My life glows with your presence!

♥ When it comes to you I am very selfish. I don’t want to share you with anyone!

♥ Stay with me forever. Grow old with me. Help me make my world a beautiful place to live in!

love notes