Forgive & Forget

Everyone gets hurt by the people they love. Few words said in anger, a sarcastic comment, injustice, discrimination are few reasons which causes us to resent our loved ones. Result? Complete estrangement or a superficial relationship.

As time passes, the hurt reduces to some extent. This is the period where we reminiscence about the good things of the relationship. We crave to have it back in our life. But if we keep on holding to the grudge, we lose peace & be on the see saw of hurt & nostalgia.

What is the solution then? Forgiveness. Yes, forgiveness it is. Forgiveness heals more than time does. Once you forgive from heart, you will feel free. This freedom brings a sense of joy & peace.

It is your life. Your choice. Why not choose a better path? A path of healthier relationships & true happiness!!!

🙂  🙂  🙂