Stop Food shaming!

Oh you are a non vegetarian? You kill innocent animals & eat them?

Oh you are a vegetarian? You know plants breathe too!

Non vegetarians are so aggressive!

Vegetarians are so sissy!

Non vegetarians are going to hell!

Vegetarians are losers!

And the fight goes on & on!

food fight

Being a vegetarian or a non vegetarian is a choice. If you eat meat or not, it won’t make either of you holier than the other!

I know many people whose religion prevents them to eat meat but they enjoy it nonetheless. There are also people who can eat whatever they want & yet they choose to be vegetarian.

Vegetarians should know that:

☠ Being a non vegetarian doesn’t make that person cruel. Meat is just food for them just like vegetables is food for vegetarians

☠ Non veg food doesn’t necessarily make some one aggressive. I have seen people eating non veg food be lot calmer than people who don’t eat non veg food

☠ Eating food with your non vegetarian friends is not going to pollute you

☠ If you don’t eat non vegetarian food, doesn’t mean you are going to heaven

☠ And they are right plants are living beings too.

Are the non vegetarians being happy reading this? You got news too I am afraid!

❅ Being a vegetarian is sometimes by choice. Religion might not be involved in this

❅ It is okay that non vegetarian food is ten times more delicious than vegetarian food. You don’t need to wave it in front of the veg people’s noses all the time!

❅ Being a vegetarian doesn’t mean they are weaklings

❅ There are vegetarian sources of proteins & minerals too

❅ Yes, we know plants are living beings. We did study biology. But when you make that argument, you are just accepting that you are eating a living being

Why don’t we just accept that being a vegetarian / non vegetarian is a way of life & a personal choice rather than food shaming each other all the time?