Look before you…. Curse!!!

Sometimes a day starts on a bad note, nothing is working in order.. the alarm doesn’t go off, you are late for work, maid has not arrived, children are not well.. All this makes one frustrated.

This frustration is taken out on someone else.. someone who is weaker than us.. Husband takes it out on wife, Wife on children, Grown up children on parents, bosses on employees, so on & so forth..

The frustration is in the form of scoldings or curses.. Our bad day makes us wish that everyone who is troubling us have a bad day..

But Stop & Think, what if that person who is troubling us is already having a bad day?

The maid who has not turned up has been beaten up by her drunkard husband..

The auto driver who has refused to ply is troubled with arranging for the monthly loan installment..

The boss has had a big fight with his wife at home..

If we be kind to them, maybe we make their day easier & in turn ours too..

Everyone is fighting their own battles & everyone can do with some support..

Kindness & Compassion don’t cost anything but will earn you loads of gratitude.

Remember this the next time you are cursing someone & turn your curses into blessings 🙂 🙂 🙂