What’s Up?

What’s Up??

Ceiling / Fan / Sky / Clouds

Chances are all of us have answered in this fashion one time or the other. But how long do you keep answering in the same way? Sooner or later you get tired & the answers sound lame even in your head.

I thought someone should make a list of creative answers for this question and then thought why not me? Let’s think of some answers which are not lame and are non vulgar 😛

✔ Tell them actually what’s up. What are you up to lately. That’s gonna surprise them for sure 😉

✔ Nothing much. Just chilling. or NMJC if you will

✔ Ask them What’s Up? (Yeah questions can be answers to questions & as if they actually want to know what’s up with you *rolls eyes*)

✔ I think I just saw an asteroid / comet up there

✔ And if you really don’t want them to ask that question again, rant about taxes being up and your BP being low, the inflation being up & your salary being low, etc etc