Laddoo Cooks

As I have written in Ghevar A La Moi I love cooking. But my trysts in the kitchen have always been when mom is not around. Lots of excuses for not cooking regularly – Laziness tops the list however.

This time nothing’s changed. The reason for entering kitchen is the same. Mom is not around. If I was alone, I would have survived on Maggi, Vada pao & take away food. But since I need to take care of dad, cooking at home is a must. Over a period of 6 months I have been cooking breakfast, lunch & dinner. Basic stuff as well as something elaborate. During this journey I have surprised myself. I never knew that even a simple tea would taste so delicious that dad would ask 2-3 servings some times. I was scared of making chutneys and they turned out fantastic in the first time itself. I also got scars in this journey. Burns, cuts, etc. The results were worth them totally!

I would like to share my experiments in kitchen. A. To remind myself how green I was B. Maybe someone will be inspired to cook after reading my posts.

Welcome to Laddoo Cooks. And do share your cooking experiences. Would love to exchange notes with fellow home chefs 😀