Let yourself out of the closet…


Coming out of the closet. We think this implies only to someone’s sexuality, isn’t it? A heterosexual need not say anything but a homosexual has to state that he is interested only in same sex person. Once he accepts publicly, we applaud him for “Coming out of the CLOSET”

But being in the closet is not only about sexuality. Have you wondered how many secrets about yourself you have to hide for the fear of parents & society in general?

If you don’t know how to cook, what will your in laws say?

Why are you crying like a woman? Be a man!

If you can’t stand up for someone, wear bangles & sit at home.

You are not a man to wear trousers. Wear salwar suit like a good Indian girl.

You like to get manicures? how gay!

Do all these statements ring a bell? This is just a drop in the ocean.

Society has made different boxes for man & women & set a specific rules on how each should behave. And if one shows even glimpse of what is supposed to be the character of opposite sex, he / she will be called names, would be lectured & in some cases out casted or even murdered. Sounds extreme but is 100% truth.

And then there are reverse kind of society. The Rebel society. They will oppose anyone who fits into the rules of society (through personal choice only)

To girls they will say: Oh how girly that you carry purses, wear make up, like shopping, etc..

To guys they will say: Stop being a MCP & let girls pay for their share, don’t be chivalrous, etc..

Why? Who made these rules? Why we need to adhere to them?

Let me be. Let me live my life as I want to. Don’t try to mould me in your box. I am not blue, I am not pink. Let me be whatever colour I want. White, Black, Grey, Purple, a mix of Blue & Pink, or just Pink even.

Only then we will have an equal society. A society where people do not hide their personality in their closets.