How to melt the cold war?

No, I am not talking about the America Russia Cold War. :p

Though not at that serious level, cold war exists even amongst individuals or groups. (Example Salman Khan & Shahrukh Khan) There is a hostility in the way these individuals interact and behave as strangers with each other though they may or may not have been good friends earlier.

Usually the cause of this cold war is either a fight, a misunderstanding or lack of communication.

cold war

Common enemies of both would enjoy their cold war and even fuel it. But there are two kinds of people who would want this war to end. A. The ones who love to be peacemaker & can’t tolerate anyone not on talking terms. B. A common friend caught in the middle of the cold war who faces the brunt of both sides (remember the famous Ross and Rachel We were on a break war?)


So how would you go about ending the war?

1. It would not be a good thing to meddle unless atleast one party wants to end the war. You need to speak to them individually. If any one of them shows signs of wanting reconciliation, you can offer to sort the matter out. Speak to both of them regarding the issues they have. Do not defend either of them.

2. You can bring them both to a place which all of you might have frequented earlier. This helps in reviving happy memories and reconciliation becomes easy.


3. Communication is the best way to sort out any differences.

4. If you see that outcome of this meeting is positive, you can try further. Bring them together in a personal space like home.

5. If the bitterness aggravates, don’t meddle any further. You can do only so much 🙂

Happy Meddling to you! 😉

happy meddling