Keep Calm & Don’t Be Angry!

Everyone wants peace & tranquility in their life.

But there comes a time in everyone’s life, for some often,  for some daily & for some rarely, that you tend to lose your cool. Crowd, Noise, Hormones, Stupidity, Stress anything can trigger your temper.


When we are angry, we lose control of ourselves. We also lose control of our tongue. We say something which we would invariably regret later (Of course there are exceptions).

I too have been victim of this anger. Saying things which I didn’t mean, hurting myself, hurting others with words. Though I have not achieved sainthood yet, but have found ways to keep calm & not be (or at least seem) angry.

The ways to curb the anger is not rocket science. Google & you find them anywhere. I will still share points which I implemented & they have helped me a lot!

1. Drink Water: Water is the best calming agent. Take slow sips till you feel less flustered. It gives you time to think your reaction.


2. Don’t react immediately: Whenever you are angry, don’t make a mistake in reacting immediately. Think over what the person is trying to say. Think from all the angles. Think whether it is really hurtful. Think before you speak works best during this time.



3. Get Advice: Anger muddles your thinking power. Get advice from someone you trust. This is the time you need a friend. Friend who will show you the correct path. It can be your parents / siblings / best friends. Sometimes even co workers can give you good advice. Some corporates also have consultants now a days to help you vent out. Taking advice is not a bad thing, remember that 🙂



4. Divert yourself: Listen to music. Walk off your anger. Have some good food, sweets preferably. Read some forwards. Smile in the mirror. Whatever it takes to take your mind off the thing which made you angry.



5. Write down your feelings: This is the best thing that worked for me. If I am extremely upset, I write it down. I tweet my feelings or just write it down on paper if it is not tweet worthy. I have realised writing down my feelings reduces their intensity.



6. Say sorry: Last but not the least. Even after you know what to do when you are angry, you might not follow all these steps sometimes. It is ok. We are humans. We are allowed to fail. Don’t be harsh on yourself. If you have been rude to anyone due to anger. Say sorry.