Alimony – How justified?

A famous actor’s wife seeks an outrageous amount from the actor in alimony. The world is shocked though prompt in making jokes. Of course most of these jokes are not in a very good taste.

A marriage is a sacred ritual which binds two human beings. It is saddening when the bond breaks for whatsoever reason. Especially when there are kids involved. In this case, you are breaking up an entire family. This is going to scar the adults & kids for life. No amount of money is going to heal the scars.

Alimony is an allowance paid to a divorced / separated spouse by the chief provider, usually men, on order of the court. The tradition of alimony seems quite old as per Wikipedia. I am pondering over the need for the same.

Traditionally, women are dependent on parents before marriage & on husband after marriage for their financial needs. Post divorce there must have been a tussle between parents & husband as to who will provide for her. And ultimately by a consensus it would have been decided that the husband should. I for one never understood this. If there are children, father is bound to provide for their support. But why support to wife & why she should take support of husband?

Any self respecting woman would try to be financially independent & not take a dime from her ex husband for her needs. I wouldn’t for sure. Specially when I am already earning enough for myself.

This is what feminism is needed for. Protect your individuality & independence. Say no to being dependent on a man or anyone. Say no to being provided for.