20 Facts About Me!

Reading & being tagged on 20 Facts about yourself since morning, made me curious about what kind of facts I would share about me. I don’t think Instagram is a place to share these kind of posts hence sharing it here:

✸ I am a very shy person

✸ I never run out of topic for conversations if the company is right

✸ I have trouble saying no to people I love

✸ I love meeting new people & making friends

✸ I love being centre of attention

✸ I use Google a lot! I love Google *_*

✸ If I am angry I tend to hurt myself. This has reduced a lot but this scares me sometimes

✸ Even though I am very expressive, I can hide my feelings very well if need arises

✸ I am a secret keeper. People sense that probably & entrust me with lot of their secrets

✸ I love the sea. It calms me a lot. 

✸ I am NOT a morning person

✸ I hate being touched by strangers

✸ I am very accident prone

✸ I tried to commit suicide several times

✸ Earrings are my favourite accessories

✸ I don’t like to wear necklaces / closed shoes

✸ I am very possessive about the people I love

✸ I am not the one who will keep movie tickets, etc as a souvenir 

✸ I love being in a book store 

✸ I am very lazy

There you go. Would you share yours? 🙂


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