Notes to Self!

Life is a teacher. Everyday it teaches us a new lesson. Some we retain & most we forget. Next time when a similar situation occurs, we have forgotten to apply our learning. Compiling some of the lessons here. Will come back time to time to know what I need to remember.

✎ Darr ke aage jeet hai (No pain no gain)

✎ If you think you have done the right thing, don’t let anyone make you feel guilty

✎ Live life to the fullest!

✎ Never be trapped in other people’s opinion of you. Even if it is a good opinion.

✎ Never wear heels while shopping!

✎ Take your bucket list as seriously as your To Do List at work!

✎ It is better to do the work yourself than relying on others

✎ No Twitter at work

I might have written countless notes to self. Sadly I remember only these many. Hence last but not the least!

✎ Jot down your notes on a more safer place (*rolls eyes at self*)

Your thoughts please? :)