New Girl in the Old City!!!


Talking about London, Paris & New York, reminded me of one of my most favourite city in India. The city which made me fell in love with it. A city which always will be a Happy Place for me. 🙂

In January 2009, I was shipped to Bangalore for 3 Weeks! My first thought was how I would survive for 3 looooooooong weeks without my beloved Mumbai, & without my Aai 🙂
The only comforting thought was that I would get to meet my dearest cousin, my best friend from childhood  & spend quality time with my bua, cousin, sister in law & my cute niece!!!
There was also a dream (of course due to the Mills & Boons impressions) that i will meet my special someone in a strange city 😉 Well, it’s still a dream but made my travel light & easy <3
I travelled through train & was hoping to see interesting sights on the long journey..However, all the people in my compartment were hell bent on sleeping for the entire duration of journey & I couldn’t see anything beyond Kolhapur..
By the way, was very excited to see Kolhapur..Had heard so much about it..Kolhapuri Chappal, Kolhapuri Mirchi & the black sand, etc..I also wanted to have something of Kolhapur, so had a vada pav (Proud Fan) at Kolhapur station..But it was bland beyond imagination..My one thought was no one can beat Mumbai as far as Vada Pav goes 😉
Well, then stuffed myself with Bourbon biscuits..Mom had packed some sandwiches but they got stale due to the heat..
Off to sleep & M & B dreamland..:-) Till landed at Bangalore City Station.
Tired as Hell But Eager to meet team..In the end Rest @ Guesthouse won! I loved my room, It was airy & spacious & had a huge window. And thus began my paid vacation 😉
Still remember the south indian breakfast at Sandhya, the awesome sandwiches, Sapota (Chikoo) Milkshakes, continental breakfasts at CCD, hunting for good places to eat..:-), all you can eat buffet at Masala Chowk (Eva Mall) – Had a first look at real Chocolate Fountain! Was mesmerised <3, MTR Ki Coffee, its amazing how they serve ghee in a tiny bowl & the tiny 1 Rs coin sized dalwada are just so yummy!!!
Also did some sight seeing on my own..Garuda & Forum Mall, Brigade Road, Lalbaugh Botanical Garden (Was fortunate to visit during the Flower Show)
The Flower Show was something.. I just got delirious looking at all the different types of flowers!
Weekends were usually spent at my cousin’s place & what a surprise that my NRI, newly wedded cousin, was there too with his wife. Had a great time recreating our childhood by playing silly games & loads of laughing!  

Visiting the Banerghatta National Park with them was the best part of my visit!
Of Course, I worked too during the week days, in case anyone was wondering 😉
I had grown too fond of my team & most of all Bangalore..As my day to return to Mumbai was approaching, I was feeling sad to leave & what do you know? Got an extension of a week to stay!!! Was Loving it 🙂
But all good things come to an end! Also, was badly missing mom ke haath ka khana..Thought If I saw Idli for one more time, I would just puke 🙂
My Last Day was on Saturday, 7th February, when we were also celebrating Rose Day in the office!!! I was returning back by Flight, my first time ever..
I had got a whiff that my team was planning something for me so I had to go to office plus had to do packing & collect the famous Mysore Pak for everyone back home & also get roses as we were celebrating Red Day + Rose Day. My bua had given me shukan money & I got a lovely red top from Revolution to celebrate the Red Day 🙂

When I reached office, a huge white teddy bear was waiting for me on my work station & one by one the gifts started pouring in..I got a Will Miss You card, a handwritten poem, a painting, a pen stand with a barometer & a lovely saree. Also got 6 red roses from one of my team member, a fibre red heart on a stick from another & a yellow rose each from everyone else.

And as if that was not enough, they gathered & sang a Song for me, Chalte chalte mere ye geet yaad rakhna…considering where most of them don’t even speak Hindi, it was too overwhelming…

Then I had to rush to guest house & fit in all the gifts in my bags..:-) It didn’t help that I had a bagful of books, which I bought from Landmark!!! My house mates managed somehow with my luggage & then I left for airport. They had planned earlier to give me Bangalore Darshan but since there was a huge traffic on that day & we were already short of time, just went straight to the airport. My colleague was there till I entered the gate. After that it was a cake walk as my sister & sister in law both had told me what to do next..

I got my boarding pass & a window seat, collected tags, went for security check & then roamed around the waiting lounge..I didn’t feel anything extra was just like walking in a mall..:-)

My seat was in the middle row & there was a wing right beside me so I could not see much..But as I had settled in my seat, I did not ask to change my seat..just turned my head in the window behind me & took in the view..

The view was amazing, specially when we were flying above the clouds & also when we were about to land in Bombay. The view of the sea from the plane was absolutely amazing..

And thus ended my paid vacation, which has left sweet memories to savour!!!


6 thoughts on “New Girl in the Old City!!!

  1. Nikhil says:

    It was mail yatra to Bangalore for all of us too. As said earlier,you are good at expressing your self. Keep it up.

  2. BLRveera says:

    thank-you for making me fall in love with my city!
    I really pray that you did not get your special someone!
    so that you can come back to namma Bangalore in 2014!

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